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Made for music makers http://www.debyoo.com
For featured performers
Promote and market each song as a brand.
Unlimited song pages http://www.debyoo.com
Unlimited song pages
Debyoo allows you to create unlimited song pages for free.
Simple. Beautiful. http://www.debyoo.com
Simple. Beautiful.
Less tech-savvy? It's okay. No need to know code. Creating a beautiful Web presence for your music has never been simpler.
Extending the life of your songs http://www.debyoo.com
Extending the life of your songs
A wide range of modules is available: Release date, Audio, Video, Photo, Liner notes, Lyrics modules...
Adding emotional appeal to your music and extending the life of your songs.
Song Pages http://www.debyoo.com
Social network elements
Create community around a song and further engage your audience.
For people behind the creation of songs
Promote and market each song as a brand.
Social Liner Note http://www.debyoo.com
Social Liner Notes
Debyoo offers an innovative way to bring the key players behind the songs back to limelight for their work.
Profile http://www.debyoo.com
Leveraging the power of Debyoo to increase your visibility to potential clients and partners.
Music professional? This is your digital resume, your online business card.